License Key Manager for Stripe Checkout

Generate, Activate, Distribute and Manage License Keys for products sold via Stripe.

How It Works

License Key Management

We generate and email a License Key directly to your customer when they make successful purchases on your website with stripe checkout or stripe payment links.

Connect & Integrate

Connect the stripe account you use for processing payments for digital products that require license keys.

Connect Your Stripe Account

Connect your stripe account in your CheckoutKeys dashboard.

Integrate CheckoutKeys API

Integrate the Checkoutkeys API with the platform you use to sell digital products.

License Key Generation for Stripe Purchases

Once a customer makes a successful purchase on your platform via stripe, we automatically generate a license key linked to that purchase and email it to the customer on your behalf.

License Keys & Email Manager

Use the Checkoutkeys dashboard or the Checkoutkeys API to view, activate or deactivate license keys.

View License Keys

See all license keys that have been generated and distributed to each customer. Check license keys status and activate/deactivate them via the dashboard or the Checkoutkeys API.

License Key Matching

Match a particular license key with a particular stripe purchase.

Customize Emails

Customize the license key generation emails with instructions you wish to send to customers once a license key has been generated.


Stripe License Keys Manager

See how easy it is to get started with generating, managing and distributing license keys for stripe purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

License Keys for Stripe Checkout

Start generating your license keys now.

License Key Manager for Stripe Checkout
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